Our Values

R - Responsibility

We always take great care of our clients by giving them the best quality and making sure we are offering not just great products but also great after sales services.

B - Bold

Our young and dynamic team always willing to take risk and produce something unique and different and we believe this approach works in our industry where arts and creativity plays a vital role.

A - Adaptable

We are open to any changes of trends that the world needs and are developing new changes consistently to cope with the ever changing and dynamic world.


our Journey.
  • 2007
    Founded as CV AG Mebelindo
  • 2008
    Works on numerous projects (hotels,cafes,private residences,offices)
  • 2010
    Moved the factory to Terboyo Industrial Park (6000m2)
  • 2015
    Second factory in Candi Industrial Park (5000m2)
  • 2017
    Incorporated as PT RUANG BANGUN ABADI
  • 2018
    Vendor for Government Projects
  • 2019
    Diversified into IT Businesses
  • 2020
    Third factory in Bogor (25000m2)
  • 2019
    Diversified into IT Businesses
  • 2020
    Third factory in Bogor (25000m2)
  • 2021
    Brand RBA established and was labelled TKDN (Indonesian Made)
  • 2022
    Opening branches in Medan,Batam, and Pekanbaru
  • 2024
    Network of distributor/resellers in up to 19 Provinces in Indonesia

Competitive Advantages

Long Waranty 5 Years

Custom design to fulfill specific customer needs

Network all across the nations

Selected materials with great quality

Experienced and fun team

Complete solutions for furniture and interior needs

Corporate Social Responsibility

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We feel responsible for the community in Indonesia especially for those in needs. We notice there are many people in our nations who needs help in terms of child care, nutrition, education, or even basic needs such as foods. That is why we are committed to give back to our community through our CSR program.

We have numerous CSR programs by visiting orphanage, planting trees, renovating churches, distributing milk, and many more. Most recently, we visited an orphanage in Kupang, East Timor, one of the poorest region in Indonesia. The orphanage was founded by a long time friend, a former pilot and CNN Heroes of the year, Budi Soehardi

Budi was an inspirational figure who built the orphanage after watching refugees in East Timor after the devastating war where child was affected and had to share one instant noodle for eight kids. Budi quickly turned down his plan for family vacation and flew to the region. He not only built a shelter for the kids, but he promised to be his father until they grow up. About 178 kids have been lucky enough to be his children and they are now enjoying a successful career such as doctors,teachers,nurse,and even lawyers. To add to this amazing story, the orphanage even give donations to others in need by giving them 5 containers of milk in rural areas.

This story has inspired us and realizing that life is not only about earning money but giving back to community is also the most satisfying job. That is why we are committed to continue the CSR program every year to various communities in the nation.

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